Welcome to Snug Harbor!

What Is Snug Harbor?

“Snug Harbor” is a reference to one of Heinlein’s later novels, The Number of the Beast. It’s a cozy little home that has far more than it appears going on under the surface.

I’m told that the Old Goat got the idea from it being a frequently-chosen name for sailors’ homes once they’d retired from the sea, which also fits the novel. It’s also the name of a good greasy spoon in Santa Monica, California, which is at least plausible for him to have eaten at at one time, but I’m not sold on that. Besides, the food’s good enough to come back to.

Most topical to the web page you’re reading is that Snug Harbor is the name of a small household in the San Francisco Bay Area, home of two pagan fen and their three cats. In 1995, we registered snugharbor.com, homesteading our half-section of Internet real estate long before it was cool (“you young whippersnappers” may certainly be implied here!). We started life as a SparcStation 1+ hooking up to Panix via a 14.4kbps modem. Not your First Age of Internet, to be sure, but by the loose standards of these faded latter days, quite respectable for all that and all that.

To put this in a perspective familiar to many of our friends:

Mike pretty much awoke on the shores of Cuivenen. By the time I first had Internet-capable e-mail in 1990, I was in high school, which could be likened to being in the Big Elven Migration, and indeed I did spend some time in Valinor (if you’re oneof the Internet’s first dozen sites, you can be Valinor). September, 1993, when AOL got a connection to Usenet and the first commercial ISP’s came into being, would be when Ungoliant hove over the horizon and made us all have to settle for the Sun and the Moon. By this reckoning, snugharbor.com clearly hails from the Second Age…

There’s also snugharbor.org and snugharbor.net, but those refer to a resort on the Sacramento River Delta. I’ve never been, but they tried to buy snugharbor.com once. We were flattered and all, but declined — it’s kinda neat to say you’ve been homesteading on the Internet since 1995, when the first commercial ISP’s (e.g. Panix) were just starting to bloom.

Anyhoo, like our literary namesake, this snugharbor.com also has much more underneath its apparent surface. My husband and I host domains and e-mail for our friends, including three dozen domains at last count. Here you will find safe harbors for many curious habits that are favored among weirdo pagan fen. This includes a lot of adult content, because we believe that it’s important to be hospitable to your friends.

Welcome to Snug Harbor. Enjoy yourself, mind the cats, don’t pee on the carpet, and we’ll probably get on fine.

— Lorrie Wood, Primary Administrator, snugharbor.com